Self Evaluation

Our centre is committed to improving through self evaluation. This is used to gauge progress and determine our priority areas for improvement. As individuals and professionals we continually evaluate and reflect our own practice to make continuous improvement in all area of nursery life.

When our priorities have been identified for the year ahead these are then taken forward in our school Improvement Plan. This can be viewed in the improvement plan section of our website.
Over the next year we will be focusing on improving our self evaluation within our service. We want to further embed this to develop a more rigorous systematic approach which involves all stakeholders in the process. Better systems in place means we can review and change practices to provide better outcomes for children and their families.

To encourage participation we aim to use a wide variety of methods to gather the views of our staff, parents, children and others about the quality of our service. We understand that parents have very busy lifestyles but hope you can take the time to contribute your thoughts and provide us with the vital feedback we require to make improvement within our service. Our aim will be to make these processes as user friendly as possible without taking up too much of your time.

The Nursery will be using a monitoring calendar to focus on a wide variety of aspects over the next year including, the Curriculum, Meeting Children’s Needs, Children’s Experiences, Self Evaluation and Improvements in Performance. These are the current criteria inspected by HMIE.

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