Improvement Plans

School Improvement Report
This is a document based on the results of ongoing self evaluation which is rigorous, effective and systematic. The report shows our journey of improvement throughout the academic year.
The report will consist of five sections:
Key strengths
Good Practice
Evaluation of - How good is our management, How good is our leadership, What is our capacity for improvement
Assigning levels using Quality Indicators
Areas for improvement

Click here to view our School Improvement Report (SIR)

School Improvement Plan
The school improvement plan takes planning to the next level in each of the school’s “ journey to excellence” and provides a clear focus on improvements over time. The process of self evaluation linked to improvement planning will allow for innovative and creative approaches to learning and teaching to develop and build a strong sense of direction and facilitate an ethos of shared ownership and leadership.
The priorities in our School Improvement Plan should come directly from the areas identified for improvement in our School Improvement Report. We also take into account the National Outcomes, North Lanarkshire’s service Improvement Priorities, Learning and Leisure Services Cfe Strategic plan and local needs.

Click here to view our School Improvement Plan (SIP)

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